Wreathy – Abaddon

One of my favourite electronic releases last year was “Leviathan” by Wreathy. Therefore I was delighted to obtain new material on a 3″ mcd, a format and length (20 min.) which I quite like. Magnus Puu from Sweden, who is behind the Wreathy project, has the gift of creating epic compositions, which fuse electronic and industrial styles, with elements of ambient and classical music.

A lot of things happen in the carefully constructed music, which consist of multiple layers and textures and restrained rythmic structures. There is harshness, noise and distortion, but also beauty, melody and melancholy. The tree tracks (plus a short outro) which form “Abaddon” are really moving and addictive, they make me hit the repeat-button quite often. The sound seems to be somewhat darker and slower than on the previous album, but it’s at least of the same quality.

artist: Wreathy
label: Mile 329 Org
details: 4 tracks, 2005 [mile329.16]