Wreathy – Leviathan

This cd is a big surprise! An unknown act, a rather anonymous dark cover, no background information. I expected that it might contain some not too exciting soundscapes. But in fact Wreathy has created an album filled with impressive rich electronic music, going in all directions but always keeping my attention. I really enjoy listening to it. The six tracks incorporate technoid, idm, industrial, drum & bass even classical and postrock elements and contain a lot of filmic, melancholic atmosphere. Despite the numerous influences this is a very tight album, with all elements fitting in well. It is daring enough to be interesting, and accessible enough to be entertaining.

Apparently the album title ‘Leviathan’ was taken from the Book of Job. The material on this cd was created between 1999 and 2003, and it sounds indeed if this Swedish musician (Magnus Puu) has taken its time to come up with something good. The instrumental electronic music mostly is midtempo, you won’t find real dancefloor pieces, but due to the variation things never get boring. Nice moody melodic parts are alternated with unconventional structures. A rich well of sounds is used on ‘Leviathan’, both from electronic and acoustic (like piano and strings) sources. Most of the textures are quite manipulated and distorted. I like the combination of gritty noisy and lush orchestral sounds. My favourite tracks are probably ‘Isolation’ and ‘Confrontation’. An album with a dense electronic sound, packed with sounds and ideas, but surprisingly moving…

Absolutely recommended!

artist: Wreathy
label: self-released
details: 6 tracks [MPUNCD001]