Wumpscut – Blutkind/Bloodchild

:Wumpscut: must be one of the most succesful electro acts of the last years. This double album, called Blutkind (Bloodchild in English), is a compilation with many rare tracks. The cd also has a nice, elaborate multimedia part showing lots of images, sounds, and text, including artwork sent in by fans. Two brand-new songs, ‘Hang Him Higher’ and ‘Praise Your Fears’) have been added to make the purchase more tempting, they are rather average :W: uptempo electro songs, the latter is pretty powerful though.

Some of the tracks come from the old tapes Defcon and Small Chambermusicians, there are a few alternate versions from songs of the debut MFAST (like an instrumental ‘Soylent Green’), a few unreleased tracks and some I already knew from compilations like New Forms of Entertainment I. Many of the tracks from the early 90’s sound rather dated and only have historical merit, others have remained convincing. By the way, this is already the 2nd :W: compilation with rare tracks, after “The Mesner Tracks”.

artist: Wumpscut
label: Metropolis
details: double cd