Wumpscut – Bone Peeler

Wumpscut has been one of the most prominent and famous dark electro acts for years. After more then ten years you might expect that the inspiration runs low for creating new material.

At first instance Bone Peeler sounds a bit like that, or at least the record sounds very familiar. The rhythms, the melodies and the distorted vocals sound the same as always. Also the scary atmosphere, mostly due to samples from obscure movies, is what you can expect.

Despite this Wumpscut has made an interesting new record with these ingredients. This time the music is more quiet as before but at the same time it sounds more bombastic as well. In comparison with most dark electro acts Wumpscut has not chosen the dancefloor as his target. Bone Peeler has overall a low tempo which works well for the dark atmosphere.

Only few songs are suitable for the dancefloor like ‘March Of The Dead’ and ‘Fear In Your Eyes’, but also these tracks are fairly slow. Highlight is the very dark ‘Rise Again’ but also ‘Your Last Salute’ is a fine track with a gloomy feeling to it.

The limited edition of this album has a second cd with remixes by Das Ich, Suicide Commando and Haus Arafna amongst others. Surprisingly is the idm-ish remix of ‘Your Last Salute’ by Air Forge.

Although there are no real new influences or elements to be found on Bone Peeler, it is a fine new record. Wumpscut has proven its place among the top acts in the genre with good tracks and he is showing guts for not aiming explicitly at the dancefloor.

artist: Wumpscut
label: Beton Kopf Media
details: 2 cd, 26 tracks [BKM ETAH 27]