Wumpscut – Evoke

I read some rather negative reviews about this new Wumpscut album. Because of that I didn’t have high hopes for this record. After playing this cd for some time I must conclude this is not a bad release at all.

Of course Evoke offers what you can expect from Wumpscut. There are no real new elements and twists to the music, even though the sound is less harsh and raw then in the past. Evoke is a logical continuation from the last two albums. Different than the last album, Wumpscut has some songs to offer with pounding beats and catchy dancefloor friendly melodies.

Opening track ‘Maiden’ is a bad start. It is a cheesy track. ‘Churist Churist’ is better and a clubhit for sure. Also ‘Don’t go’ is a good song in the Wumpscut tradition, rather poppy but still with some heavy beats. On the other hand the more tranquil ’Tomb’ and ‘Krolok’ have some electronic darkwave influences that really work well.

Maybe this is not the best Wumpscut record, but it’s not a bad release. People who like modern EBM, but don’t like the easy and slick futurepop sounds that dominate the genre, will enjoy Evoke.

artist: Wumpscut
label: Beton Kopf Media
details: 11 tracks [BKM Eteh41]