Wumpscut – Preferential Legacy & Music for a German Tribe

This is not a new Wumpscut album. The work on a new album is in progress, but in the meantime :W: is doing in what is very good in, recycling old and obscure material. This double cd combines two new songs, hard to find tracks, old material and remixes. One of the new songs is ‘All Cried Out’, a cover version of a Alison Moyet (!) song. The result is a bit disappointing, a poppy song that is lacking a good atmosphere. The other new song is ‘Overkill’ and is much better. This is a slow and dark EBM track in the recognizable Wumpscut style.

The remix track ‘Achtung’, done for Der Blutharsch, is another excellent song. :W: has made this song into a weird industrial (and still militant) song. Also featured on this 2-cd are some older songs like ‘Soylent Grün’ and ‘Schwarzer Tod’. These songs sound raw compared to most dark electro music of today, but never dated. These tracks still are among the top of dark electro/industrial music. Hopefully the new album will be more into this style than that of the poppy ‘All Cried Out’.

artist: Wumpscut
label: Beton Kopf Media