Xeno Volcano – Black Book

More experimental ambient soundworks by David Thayer aka Xeno Volcano, this time centered around dreams. Organic, electronic music, created mostly from samples and field recordings. This album really contains beautiful waves of sound, with some orchestral elements. Overall the music is rather tranquil. Perfect background music, which is not meant in a negative manner. Although there is some manipulation and distortion, it remains pleasing to the ear. Moody, dreamlike atmospheres, which at times you hardly notice, and then again you’ll drift away to a different location. Xeno Volcano takes you to canyons and moon cathedrals. Sometimes icy, sometimes warm, “Black book” is a subtle sonic dream, which slowly evolves its mysteries.

The “Black book” album will be pressed someday… Until then you can download a complete pre-release! Xeno Volcano has been working on these compositions for some time, making various versions, so perhaps one day a final version will surface which is quite different.

artist: Xeno Volcano
label: Hardpresse Recordings
details: 9 tracks (pre-release)