Xeno Volcano – To in out and open

Xeno Volcano originally comes fom San Francisco, but now lives in Switzerland. You could call him a multimedia artist, because besides music he is also occupied with projects for theatre, music, dance and tv. He is also a productive artist, having created eight full-length albums, with a few more in the making. Various works have been released by the Swiss label Hardpresse, that also has the experimental poet Elektra Sturmschnell in its stable, with whom Xeno Volcano has done various collaborations, both live and on cd’s.

The album “To in out and open” was released in 2002. It’s an ambitiuous project, with recordings made in three continents, many field recordings, varied analog and digital equipment and various guests who contribute voices. The end result is an adventurous journey, with experimental electronic music which is challenging, but not inaccessible. In fact, some ambient passages are very lovely and harmonic to listen to, while other parts are a bit more ‘difficult’. Despite the great variety of sounds and field recordings (from drunken Mexican conversations to Zürich airport and Portland shopping mall), everything is blended nicely in a coherent album. The occassional spoken voices really match the music nicely, and are very sensual at times, like in ‘Wisky Rose’. Some tracks, especially the 14 min. ‘Her longest swim’, have IDM elements, with glitches and clicks.

This album really takes you a trip, divided into three parts. Chapter 1: Undertow and Motor Clean Fantasy is the most dreamy, yet darkest part of the album. Chapter 2: Love is warmer and exotic, while Chapter 3: Travel takes you to the hectics of urban reality.
A recommended and varied listening experience!

artist: Xeno Volcano
label: Hardpresse Recordings
details: 16 tracks