XP8 – Forgive

XP8’s debut album has already reached the ears of many. Many DJ’s played one or more tracks from this album in their sets. And they did so for good reason. Even though the mastering of this album isn’t exactly flawless, it is a great album with very good songs.

It is this mastering and further “total lack of professionality” that made XP8 decide to leave Black Flames Records after this album. A mastered version of this album will be released in the USA though in March, through Static Sky Records.

But back to what it is all about, the music. XP8 delivers a good mix of EBM and Futurepop. And even though new work from this band has already been released, this album deserves a review. After warming up with opening track “Warm up”, the body is ready to dance. Luckily the rest of the album provides the perfect opportunity for dancing. Even though the flat production is bad, the music just proves itself and the body follows willingly.

This for sure is a debut album on which this Italien 3-piece proves itself. It leaves me curious for their new album, to be recorded in 2005, and the (re-)mastered version of this debut album.

artist: XP8
label: Black Flames Records
details: 2004, 13 tracks