Year Future – The Hidden Hand

This is the second EP by the Calfornian band Year Future, and a precursor to the full length debut (expected this winter). The band could be called a punk, hardcore or rock band. I prefer to use the description dark punk.

Opening track ‘Nature Unveiled’ refers to the Current 93 album with the same title. The bands used this title as a parody as Year Future is often associated with the gothic scene. The track is an intense, raw and loud song. ‘Police Yourself’ is a bit reminescent of Dead Kennedys but sounds darker.

The title track is by far the best track on this EP. It is the most intense and sinister song. Heavy and dark bass sounds and hectic rhythms are the ingredients of this dark punk track.

If you like other Gold Standards Laboratories bands like The Vanishing and Heart Of there is a good chance you can appreciate the dark punkrock by Year Future also.

artist: Year Future
label: Gold Standard Laboratories
details: cd / 7”, 3 tracks, [GSL94]