Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe – Xytrobuzyrrwe

Yrrwe Zsuzyrwwe is a new Dutch industrial/noise project. This 8 track cd-r is released by The Noise Department, an Industrial Noise Promotion Agency. Mainman behind both Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe and The Noise Department is Marco V. Before YZ started he has been involved in other industrial projects like Legal Injury and Hydlide (now known under the name Ex IQ). For live performances Marco has recruited Tanja for percussion and ‘live creativity’.

The music on ‘Xytrobuzyrwwe’ is a mixture of industrial sounds with a somewhat older feeling to it and industrial/noise dance music. Some of the sounds used remind me of pieces of early Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. These sounds are combined with the dance elements of harsh contemporary industrial and noise music such as pounding basslines and heavy distorted drums. The result is very loud and pounding dance music with lots of noisy sounds, somewhat in the same vein as Asche and Converter. My favorite tracks are ‘Desirhar’ which is good dance track with old industrial sounds, the P*A*L over the top remix of this song and ‘Farhunew’ which combines electro industrial sounds in a very danceable mix.

The overall feeling of the music on this album is that of machines running wild, but in a strange way they produce danceable rhythms. In this way it us much like ‘factory dance music’ as Test Dept used to make, only in a very modern way.

artist: Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe
label: The Noise Department