Zadera – …Something Red

Strobelight releases see the light on a steady basis lately. Zadera is their newest discovery. This German band mixes post-punk and gothic rock into a sound of their own. Characteristic of this sound is the tranquil mood which evolves into rocking and loud bursts of energy. At times Zadera is reminiscent of X-Mal Deutschland, although a bit more typical goth rock.

The best tracks are the more punky ones like ‘Life strikes back’ and ‘No answer’. But also the more atmospheric and melancholy songs are quite good. ‘Sie’and espcially ‘Fallen’ sound convincing.

I must confess that at first I wasn’t completely charmed by this album but after some time I began to really enjoy these songs. This is definately a good record for the more punk orientated goths.

artist: Zadera
label: Strobelight Records
details: 14 tracks, 2004 [STROB012]