Zentropia – Fables of the Celestial Night

With their last release Zero Mass Calibration Zentropia made a surprising album with a dark psychedelic ambient sound with dub influences. Fables of the Celestial Night is basically more of the same, which doesn’t mean this new cd is not good.

This record is recommended to everybody who likes dark ambient. The deep sub bass sounds on this album makes up for a comparison with old Scorn material. The music of Zentropia puts the listener into slumber with its slow hypnotizing sounds and rhythms. But, this is anything but a nice record to put on as background music. It really asks to be listened to with close attention. When you take the time to experience tracks like ‘Hypnogogic’ and ‘Samsara’ you might even loose temporarily grip with reality.

Fables of the Celestial Nightis a wonderful, though at times frightening, psychedelic experience.

artist: Zentropia
label: Crystaleyezed Fine Arts
details: 8 tracks [ZEN6697]