Zmiya – Solmamdenlo

Zmiya is a French band but their sound is very Eastern and Arabic. Their music is a world music mix of traditional influences and modern electronic rhythms. In most of the songs these electronic rhythms are very subtle and supported by real percussion. Only ‘Magical Time’ is a real up-tempo world dance track.
The songs I like best are the more peaceful and shamanistic pieces. This because these are more mysterious sounding. ‘Desert’and ‘Redjah’ are good examples of that.
Probably some Prikosnovénie fans will find this record to worldy, not fairy like enough. I would agree with them, but this record has it moments too, which only need a little more time to be discovered…

artist: Zmiya
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 8 tracks [PRIK087]