Zoät-Aon – Star Autopsy

It’s hard not to like Aural Hypnox – the Finnish label that specializes in dark/ritual ambient. They seem to be doing everything right, especially with their quality over quantity ethos. Zoät-Aon’s ‘Stark Autopsy’ gives us another reason to like the label.

From the first track (“Totem Owl”) onward this album throws the listener into some strange dimension. Anyone who has tried to make music knows that this is not always such an easy accomplishment, but Jaakko Vanhala seems to have it down. On ‘Star Autopsy’ he makes use of electric, acoustic, and field sources, melding these diverse sounds into a cosmic whole.

There is a relation between the tracks, but not monotony. I tend to think that finding the right balance here marks the great ambient artists from the mediocre. The album is mixed to perfection for this style, combing both complexity and subtlety, with mood changes that are smooth and effortless. Excellent!

artist: Zoät-Aon
label: Aural Hypnox
details: cd, 9 tracks, 1:06:19, 2005 [AH04]