Zombie Girl – Back from the Dead

Zombie Girl is a new project bij Sebastian R. Komor, of Icon Of Coil and Muscle And Hate fame. For this project he collaborates with his wife Renee Cooper-Komor. After just two tracks of this project were released on compilations, the act was already requested all over the world. This EP however is their first and only release so far (they are working on a full-length release right now).

On this EP one will find the two compilation-releases that also are the two best known tracks up till now, “We are the ones” and “I want it”, between more tracks that are playing with the horror-theme like “Creepy Crawler” and “Bleeder”. Next to the original tracks, one will find remixes by KMFDM, Soman and of course Icon Of Coil.

The music itself is somewhat overdone it seems, but it works very well. Beaty, danceable and groovy from start to finish. What a disc this is. The vocals of Renee only add to this, in a very fine way. A voice that haunts you, without getting creepy. Now there is only hoping this formula will also work on a full-length release, as this EP at least is more then I expected from it.

artist: Zombie Girl
label: Alfa Matrix
details: cd, 7 tracks, 2006 [AM1077EPCD]