Zonk’t – Itching

The musicians of ex-industrial formation Nox seem to be very busy lately. Ex-Nox member ElectroniCat released various ep?s, and another member called G-nox just released a CD on M-tronic (see review elsewhere on this site). Now Laurent Perrier also releases a new album under the name of Zonk?t.

On this new album called ?Itching?, Zonk?t takes a more technoid approach than on his former releases. The tracks range from minimal electronic loops to synthetic dance rhythms and seem to radiate an atmosphere of old school analog acid-house due to its simplicity. This makes me thing of something the Acid Junkies, the Human Beings or a softer version of Unit Moebius would be doing right now.

Overall the sounds are very nice, and the tracks have a nice drive. I have the feeling the tracks sometimes just stop short of being totally interesting, but perhaps this minimalism is what makes this record different from other dance records. The faster tracks on the CD seem to be a bit too chaotic, so I like the slower tracks better.

label: Brume Records
details: [brume 09]