Zorglüb – Things are pickin’ up

Zorglüb is a French act, founded in 1990 by Mr Loop (keyboards, samples, backing vocals) and Togk (bass, vocals, guitar, programming). Later they were joined by second guitarist Ozed. The music of Zorglüb is an energetic mixture of EBM, electro-industrial and metal. The beats are quite danceable, you get loud crossover guitars, aggressive vocals and at times a few samples and poppy elements. The electronics add a little atmosphere to the general rough sound. Some pieces, like ‘In a box’ or the melancholic ‘That man without’, are more midtempo, with relatively sensitive vocals. Most tracks though are heavy dancefloor hammers, like ‘Just do it’ or ‘Sandman’.
Not my personal cup of thea, but Zorglüb certainly knows how to create a powerful sound. It reminds me a little of music that was popular in the early 90’s on labels like Dynamica and Machinery, acts like Think About Mutation, Cubanate, Die Krupps or Cat Rapes Dog. But Zorgl?b also adds a few more introspective moments.

artist: Zorgl?b
label: self-released