Adrian Borland: Book of (Happy) Memories

A memorial book, compiled by some of his fans, about Adrian Borland, former frontman of The Sound, who passed away in 1999. This book contains a collection of memories from a few dozen friends and musicians, which give a very warm feeling to read.

Some of the contributors are his mother, former bandmembers, Carlo van Putten (The Convent), Mark Burgess (Chameleons) and Dutch music journalists Alfred Bos, Peter Bruyn and Jan Douwe Kroeske.

The mood constantly shifts from tears to laughter and back again. The stories from people who have known him in various phases in his life and career form an image of a special man with a lot of talent, but who also could be difficult to live and work with. But everyone seems to agree that the keyword in relation to Adrian Borland is passion! This book is a nice way to keep his memory alive.