Are you experienced?

On the search for a pocket to read in the train I found ‘Are you experienced’ in my bookcase, which I once bought for 50p. This book was first published in 1997 and became a huge bestseller.

And I can understand why. It is hilarious and a must-read for everyone undertaking a big exotic journey, especially to India. Everyone in Dave’s class is going abroad for a year, to ‘get to know themselves’ or to get interesting experiences for their c.v.’s. Dave is not very keen on doing the same, but when Liz, who he fancies a lot, asks him to accompany her for some months in India, he has no choice.

Their experiences are extremely funny. For Dave the trip only exists of heat and dust, beggars, bad food and other inconveniences. Liz on the other hand loves India, and she wants to reach the spiritual heart of the country. And to make things worse for Dave, Liz does not allow him to sleep with her and the two of them become separated more and more…
Witty dialogues, colourful characters and very realistic painful situations make this a great satire on the backpack generation.