This Italian formation was one of the biggest relevations of 2001. Their cd “Luctamina in Rebus” got really good reviews almost everywhere. Argine proved to have an unique, own style, with elements from neofolk, medieval, classical and postpunk music. Very striking on their releases is the variation in styles, instruments and moods. Because of the variation each song is a little surprise. On the albums you will find, amongst others, alternating male and female vocals, passionate string playing and great melodies.

“Our musical project is the result of the will of expressing what is hidden deep inside of ourselves, giving free play to our most intimist and instinctive emotions and feelings, without any reserve. It’s a personal exigency: describing with words and music ourselves, an essential cathartic function to go on, staging our own pain to shake off it. Consequently, our spiritual exigency is always the same.”
[interview with Twilight Realm Webzine]

“The past represents a prodigious resource left to us free, a resource in which we have to discover beauty, purity, enchantment and wisdom. […] We, musically and esthetically, are crossed by ancient music without deny all what modernity may offer to us.”
[interview with Twilight Realm Webzine]


  • Mundana Humana Instrumentalis (cd, Energeia, 1997)
  • Marisa Allasio (7″, Energeia, 1998)
  • Roma (live lp, Misty Circles/Oktagon/Wolf Age, 2000)
  • Memorie (mcd, Misty Circles/Oktagon/Wolf Age, 2000)
  • Luctamina In Rebus (cd, Misty Circles/Oktagon/Wolf Age, 2001)