Jessie Marion King

Detail of a design for a book-cover (Fairytales by Hans C. Andersen)

I came across these attractive illustrations at a fleamarket. From a distance I thought they were by Aubrey Beardsley, but when I took a closer look I saw the name of Jessie M. King. She was a Scottish illustrator who lived from 1875 till 1949. She attented the famous Glasgow School of Art, where they gave her enough room to develop her own style, outside the academic curriculum.

Book design and illustrations dominated her early work, but she was multi-talented: posters, bookplates, book covers, jewelry, ceramics, wallpaper, fabrics, murals, interior design, and costumes. She illustrated many children’s books. Her work is a nice example of the typical Glasgow style, which is a combination of Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts and Scottish (medieval) influences.

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"The little princess and the peacock"