Blood Axis

Blood Axis

This project from the USA has reached a cultstatus, despite its very few releases. Michael Moynihan formed Blood Axis in 1989, before that he was a member of Boyd Rice’s Non. “The Gospel of Inhumanity”, recorded in 1994/95, has a very diverse, but always dark sound, and an occult atmosphere. One of the most well-known tracks is ‘Reign I forever’, that uses music from Prokofiev. Another track uses music from Bach, and on the album lyrics are used from Nietschze, Ezra Pound, H.W. Longfellow and Charles Manson.

Absolutely recommended from Blood Axis is the live album “Blot; Sacrifice in Sweden”, released by Cold Meat Industry. Twelve powerful, great songs are performed, with live sound assistance by Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch) and Annabel Lee on violin and melodeon, which gives the band a folky sound, e.g. on the traditional ‘The March of Brian Boru’.

Apart from these albums Blood Axis has released a few limited singles and has contributed songs to various legendary samplers, like “The lamp of invisible light”, “Im Blutfeuer”, “Mysteria Mithrae”, ‘The Nitha Fields”, “Lucifer Rising” and “Saturn Gnosis”. Moynihan is also active as a writer, he contributed to various magazines and the book Apocalypse Culture II. He also received critical acclaim with his book Lords of Chaos, a study about the excesses of the black metal scene. Moynihan was also responsible for the comeback of Changes.


  • Walked in line 7″ (split with Allerseelen, Storm, 1994)
  • The Gospel of Inhumanity (Chtulhu/Storm, 1995)
  • Blot:Sacrifice in Sweden (live, Cold Meat, 1998)
  • The March of Brian Boru 7″ (with Allerseelen, State Art 1998)
  • Absinthe (Athanor, 2002)