Current 93

Current 93

How can one try to describe the music of Current 93? One thing is sure: the band around David Tibet cannot be called conventional and often knows how to surprise, from the early experimental avantgarde works in the early 80’s through the later folk sound with albums like “All the pretty little horses”, “Thunder Perfect Mind” and “Of Ruins and some blazing starre”. Trademark are the complex lyrics and the unique voice of David Tibet.

A few years ago Current 93 again changed its style to piano-dominated ballads, with the album “Soft Black Stars” (with the classic’A Gothic Lovesong’). A good introduction to Current 93 is the compilation “Calling for Vanished Faces”. Through the years Current has worked with numerous guest musicians, even Nick Cave and Bj√∂rk. They are closely related to Nurse With Wound, Nature and Organisation, Christoph Heemann and many others. Live performances are always an intense experience.

The discography of Current 93 is growing very fast. In the last years a variety of releases came out, including some live albums, various interesting collaborations, the tranquil album “Sleep has his house” and more experiemntal work like “Faust” and “The great in the small”. The music from Current 93 ranges from very beautiful to hard to digest, but it’s always special.

Selective discography:

  • Dog’s Blood Rising (Durtro 1984)
  • Nature Unveiled (Durtro 1984)
  • Swastikas for Goddy (Durtro 1987)
  • Imperium (Durtro 1987)
  • Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty in Sorrow (Durtro 1988)
  • Earth Covers Earth (Durtro 1988)
  • Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God (United Dairies, 1989)
  • As the World Disappears (live, Durtro 1991)
  • Island (Durtro 1991)
  • Thunder Perfect Mind (Durtro 1992)
  • Emblems: The Menstrual Years 2cd (compilation, Durtro 1993)
  • Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre (Durtro 1994)
  • All the Pretty Little Horses (Durtro 1996)
  • Horsey (Durtro 1997)
  • Soft Black Stars (Durtro 1998)
  • Calling for Vanished Faces 2cd (compilation, Durtro 1999)
  • All Dolled Up Like Christ 2cd (live, Durtro 1999)
  • Sleep Has His House (Durtro 2000)
  • Faust (Durtro 2000)
  • The Great in the Small (Durtro 2000)
  • Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London (live, Durtro 2001)
  • Cats Drunk on Copper (live, Durtro 2001)