Denn alle Lust will Ewigkeit

This large format photobook really is a stimulation of the senses. Isolde Ohlbaum has photographed some very impressive graveyard sculptures on various European graveyards, like Milano, Vienna, Munich, Paris, Genua, Triest and more.

All statues are of female characters which seem to have a clear erotic mood in common, they portray angels, mythological figures, weeping lovers, etc. The photos are taken with a lot of feeling and also technically perfect, and have been printed (A4 format, in full-colour) very sharply.

All photos are accompanied by an appropriate poem, by the likes of Heine, Poe, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Wilde, Rossetti… Images and texts combined make ‘Denn alle Lust will Ewigkeit’ really impressive. Not a sorrowful book, but one full of mysterious passion and melancholic atmosphere. I totally agree with the words on the back of the cover: ‘Nie zuvor wurde die enge Verbundenheit von Eros und Thanatos, Liebe und Tod so eindrucksvoll ins Bild gesetzt”.