Donnie Darko

An overwhelming debut by this young film-maker. The beginning of the film directly sucks you into the movie, accompanied by the tones of ‘Killing Moon’. Afterwards nothing is as it seems anymore and the story unfolds in an ingenious manner. Echo and The Bunnymen (Killing Moon) and Tears for Fears (Mad World) never seemed to be so much in their place as in this intrigueing drama, about a mysterious and creepy ‘bunnyman’, who gives, in a nightly vision, instructions to a somewhat naive young man to take revenge…

With tremendous roles of Patrick Swayze, as a totally ‘wrong’ faith healer, and Drew Barrymore, as a strict teacher.

According to me, Richard Kelly has created one of the best movies that were released in the Netherlands in 2002. It is David Lynch, but then again it isn’t. It’s a dark film, but also a humouristic one.
‘The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I ever had’
(Tears for Fears – Mad World)