Hable con Ella (Talk to Her)

The most tranquil film by Pedro Almodovar so far, but also his best one. The story tells about Benigno and Barco, who accidentally meet in a hospital. Benigno is the male nurse of a young gril who is lying in a coma, while Marco visits his girlfriend. She is a professional bull-fighter, who has been wounded by a fierce bull, and she also lies in a coma now.

A peculiar relationship develops between the two men, that is being heavily put to the test, when Benigno can’t keep his hands off his female patient, and is sentenced to prison. Almodovar manages to depicture this situation in an impressive manner and to portray the main characters as people of flesh and blood.

I’ve never seen such a lovely girl in a coma… Also pay attention to the special and sensual dreamscene about the woman and the ‘miniman’. readers of the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant elected ‘Hable Con Ella’ as the best movie of 2002.