Jean-Marc Dauvergne

Ville morte/Dead city - 1998

Arbre/Tree - 1989

About Jean-Marc Dauvergne:

I came to know this French artist (born in 1956, autodidact) when I saw some of his paintings in a Cynfeirdd magazine. Later I came across his work through various record covers, for A Challenge of Honour and Karceral Flesh, amongst others.

His work evokes a very special atmosphere, a twilight zone between reality and fantasy. The paintings of Jean-Marc Dauvergne are ideal starting points for your imagination to lead you into unknown territories. Mysterious landscapes and deserted strange buildings are often present in his artistic world, in which man is usually absent.

The website of Dauvergne contains many examples of his art.

Branchages/Branches - 1997

Ampelopsis - 1988