Mike Bohatch

Coming of Age (from the 'Industrial Series')

About Mike Bohatch:

Mike has but one desire. To contribute to the fantastical and realization of dark imagery in the published genre’s of horror and the surreal.
A professional dark art illustrator for many years, Mike’s well known work can be found in numerous publications and CD packages both nationally and internationally. His online site contains an extensive gallery of works using the multiple mediums of mixed media and digital compositing. He has been featured in numerous publications and has provided his style of imagery to the fields of film, book covers, comics, CD packages, magazine illustrations, advertising and web design.

He credits his ideas from the combination of an over-active imagination, a pro-active nature and a general belief in the amazing, mystical and unknown. Currently a feature film titled “Eyes of Chaos“ is under production based on Mike’s artwork. Other projects to be released soon include a published “art book“ called “Eyes of Chaos: The Dark Visions“, and production design on future movie releases.

His website can be found at: www.eyesofchaos.com

Solemn soldiers