Mulholland Drive

David Lynch goes back to his roots after his surprising film “The Straight Story”. ‘Twin Peaks revisited’ in this strange tale of imagination… You can see this film many times and every time you see something different. The story is so strange that you can’t really describe the plot. My advise: just let yourself be carried away by this masterpiece of this dark genius.

10 pieces of advice before you watch this movie (for better understanding):
1 In the beginning, before the start of the film, there are two clues
2 Beware of the red lamp
3 Beware of the title mentioned by Adam Kesher, is it mentioned again?
4 Where did the accident take place?
5 Who has the key?
6 Look at the dressing gown, ash tray and the coffeemug
7 What does go on at the club Silencio, who is present, what do they realize?
8 Is it just talent that helped Camilla?
9 What happems with the man?
10 Where is aunt Ruth?