Orplid is a neo-folk band from Sachsen-Anhalt. Frank Machau und Uwe Nolte started the band in 1996. Around Orplid various projects have emerged, in various artistisc disciplines. All lyrics of the band are in German, and they often deal with German historical and ‘folk’ themes. Sometimes they use German poetry, like from Goethe. The band is called after a text from Mörike: “die von Eduard Mörike besungene Insel ist kein entlegenes Eiland im geografischen Sinne, kein erträumtes Paradies, sondern ein Refugium im Malstrom fortschreitender geistiger Uniformierung.”

So far Orplid has produced some great work, released by Eis & Licht. Their first untitled album has a melancholic sound, with acoustic folk and medieval elements. It contained some wonderful songs like ‘Das alte Jahrtausend’ and ‘Jenseits von hier’. This album was released in two limited editions of 500, which were soon sold out. It has been re-released though by Prophecy, with three bonus tracks.

Orplid then made a mini cd, called ‘Geheiligt sei der Toten Namen’, followed by the vinyl-only 10″ ‘Das Schicksal’, both of very high quality. The next vinyl release by Orplid, the ‘Barbarossa’ 10″, brought us a more electronic, bombastic sound.


  • Orplid (Eis & Licht 1997, Prophecy 2000)
  • Das Schicksal 10″ (Eis & Licht, 1998)
  • Geheiligt sei der Toten Namen MCD (Eis & Licht, 1999)
  • Barbarossa 10″ (Eis & Licht, 2000)
  • Nächtliche Jünger (Eis & Licht/Prophecy, 2002)