Ostara was formed by singer/songwriter Richard Leviathan (born in South-Africa, but based in England) and Timothy Jenn. Formerly they were active as Strength through Joy, under which name two excellent apocalyptic folk albums were released (“Salute to Light” and “The Force of Truth and Lies”), the mcd “Dark Rose” and classic songs as ‘Ways to Strength and Beauty’.
As Ostara, the band shows a more poppy folk-style, resulting in the fine album “Secret Homeland” and the singles ‘Operation Valkyrie’ and ‘Neverweep/Overworld’.

Lyrically, Ostara draws inspiration from history, mythology and literature, as well as from personal experience. On stage the band made a good impression on me when I saw them in London, Switzerland and The Netherlands.
Ostara has aroused some controversy, which seems to be based mostly on vague rumours and the controversial bandname (Ostara is an old name for Easter, named after the Teutonic goddess of spring and the dawn. But the word Ostara was also used in NZ Germany). Leviathan, who comes froma Jewish background, has even been accused of antisemitism.

In June 2001 Ostara released an excellent 10″ entitled “Whispers to the Soul” on the German label Eis & Licht. Earlier material appeared on the World Serpent label. In 2002 Timothy Jenn left the band.

Leviathan continued Ostara with guitarist/programmer Stuart Mason (formerly in the U.S. punkband Kazmpers). Aided by some other musicians (like K. Hatakka from Waltari) they have made the album ‘Ultima Thule”, also released on Eis & Licht. This cd has a dynamic, rich sound with elements from rock, pop, folk and darkwave and as usual some catchy songs.


  • Secret Homeland cd (World Serpent, 2000)
  • Operation Valkyrie 7″(ALU, 2001)
  • Never weep 7″ (World serpent, 2001)
  • Whispers to the Soul 10″ (Eis & Licht, 2001)
  • Kingdom Gone cd (Eis & Licht, 2002)
  • Ultima Thule cd(Eis & Licht, 2003)