Playlist Ad Mortem Festinamus

Sophie’s Palace, Utrecht
organisation: cybercase
Live: Lupercalia from Italy. Hekate had to cancel their concert unfortunately.

Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson – Sudurgata
Puissance – Whirlpool of flames
Sonnwin – Voluspa (track 3)
Romowe Rikoito – Fons Aeterna Juventutis
Ulf Söderbergh – Ecuatoria
Dies Natalis – We stand
Death in June – Little black angel
The Moon Lay Hidden – Untitled

Ordo R. Equilibrio – Harvesting the crop
Ataraxia – Saderaladon
Sol Invictus – Come the morning
Argine – Memorie
Nothus Filius Mortis – Norte dame des ronces
Hollenfurt – Down the mist
Protagonist – The puritan
Camerata Mediolanense – Balkani in fiamme
Darkwood – Winter
Die Wappen des Thodt – Engel
Hagalaz Runedance – The seeker divine
Nature and organisation – A dozen winters of loneliness
Orplid – Im Sturm
Love is colder than death – Spelbound
A Sacris – Quarante-huit
Hekate – Tempeltanz I

Pazuzu – Royaume des reves
Valefor – The chaining of the messenger
Ulf Söderbergh – Jarleden
Argine – Le rose
Of the wand & the moon – In the colours of night
Lady Morphia – Sunspirits
Orplid – Das alte Jahrtausend
Strength through Joy – The song of Amergin
Hekate – Henry M.
Neutral – Diamonds in your hands
Faith & the Muse – Anwynn
Sol Invictus – An English garden
Djembe – Djembe
Current 93 – Christopher Robin

Derniere Volonté – Der Zorn Gottes
Estampie – OFortuna
Monte Cazzazza – Six eyes from hell
Sophia – Aus der Welt
Days of the Trumpet Call – Ferne
O Quam Tristis – Omnes generationes
Corvus Corax – Skudrinka
Allerseelen – Neuschwabenland
Fire + Ice – Blood on the snow
L’Orchestre Noir – Comes the dawn
Nature & Organisation – Bloodstreamruns