Playlist Ataraxia afterparty

De Waaiberg, Leuven
Three nice concerts in Leuven: first Dead Man’s Hill, then A Challenge of Honour and finally Ataraxia. There was an afterparty with popular electro/gothic in the main hall. I played some music in the smaller room.

Institution D.O.L. – Intro SZMIH
Die Form – Tote Kinder
Stalingrad – The road on which you’ll die / Morriconia
Apoptose – Blutopfer
Atomine Elektrine – Sagittarius Cloud
The Protagonist – Kampfende Pferde (Thorak)
Matt Howden – Hellfires
Camerata Mediolanense – Balkani in Fiamme

Hekate – Tempeltanz I
Dawn & Dusk Entwined – The drift
In the Nursery – Sense
Eigenwert – MorcelĂ©
In the Nursery – Sense
Engelsstaub – L’appel de l’ange
Estampie – Imperator rex graecorum
D’arcadia – D’arcadia
Tippelklimper – Melange bretonique
Pazuzu – Royaume des reves
Argine – Corpo ed anima
Derniere Volonte – Un refrain solitaire
Death in June – Blood Victory

Sol Invictus- In days to come
Belborn – Schwarze Glut
Ernte – Sonnenwende
Oraison – The rebel
Novalis – Golden future time
Orplid – Nachtliche Junger
Blood Axis – Herjafather
Turbund Sturmwerk – Kainsmal
Jagd Wild – Come join the hunt
B.O.T.I.S. – Hail Jerusalem
Eisengrau – Threshold