Playlist Crna Ruza

De Fabriek, Zaandam
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7.7 Seth – Dogs Blessing
Gae Bolg – Montesgur
Ataraxia – Saderaladon
Ostara – The trees march north
Kirlian Camera – Heldenplatz
Sophia – Aus der Welt
Nothing – Working through the nail
Haus Arafna – Fur immer

Collection D’Arnell Andrea – Automne et long silence
November Növelet – Fear
In the Nursery – Guarded Rites
Death in June – All pigs must die
Djembe – Djembe
The Crescens Collective – For the last six years
Morpheus – Bene ha-Elohim
Tribe of Circle – When tears turn to solidity
Ulf Söderbergh – Ecuatoria
Dream into Dust – Chariot
Sol Invictus – An English garden
Argine – memorie (remix)
In my rosary – The rose of the world
Aural Blasphemy – Crisis
Asche – Kiss the whip

Matt Howden – Hellfires
One for Jude – Refuge
Lady Morphia – Sunspirits
In The Nursery – Duality
Death in June – Tick tock
Aural Blasphemy – Sonomech
Desiderii Marginis – Mantrap
Sophia – Sigillum Militum II
Subliminal – Hate me
Ordo R. Equilibrio – Liebe Utopia
Blutharsch – Untitled
Apoptose – Abschied von der Sonne
Hekate – Henry M.
Neutral – Diamonds in your hands

Hypnoskull – Effective mind mechanism
Nature & Organisation – A dozen winters of loneliness
Hollenfurt – Down the mist
Andromeda Complex – Under the sun
Megaptera – Kingdom of death
Von Thronstahl – Mitternachtsberg
Lustmord – Permafrost
Orplid – Im Sturm
Dernière Volonté – Der Zorn Gottes
Sol Invictus – God told me to