Playlist Deus \x/ Machina

K-sjot, Utrecht
A fine second ‘Deus’ party with a nice response of the visitors. Unfortunately this was also the last party, due to personal circumstances of the organisator.

[Hans D.]
Apoptose vs. Polygon – Brainchild
Profane Grace – Protectress of the dead
Stigma – Untitled
Ildfrost – Her majesty’s awakening

[Magica Obscura]
Archon Satani – A time of ruin
Distel – [class]
Ashram – Spirit of the rising moon
Lupercalia – Il pianto di Giuletta
XVIIe Vie – Analla
Cawatana – In darkness
Dies Natalis – Drummer walks in storm

[Hans D.]
Hollenfurt – Down the mist
Atomine Elektrine – Sagittarius cloud
Twilight Ritual – Pale mist ride
La Luna oc Nithar – Skeggiold
Black Tape for a Blue Girl – All my lovers
Ignis Fatuus – The vastness of it
Fiel Garvie – Buzzfisch

[Magica Obscura]
Atari Teenage Riot – Death star
TMLHBAC / Deutsch Nepal – Night in fear #2
Tribe of Circle – When tears turn to solidity
:Wumpscut: – Fear in motion
Ladytron – Startup chime
Chris & Cosey – In ecstasy
Ataraxia – Post-nuclear obitus
Blood Axis – Lord of ages
Mono no Aware – Standortebestimmung
Proyecto Mirage – 19 Horas
Sophia – Spite

[Hans D.]
In Slaughter Natives – Death, just only death
Allerseelen – Sturmlied
The Klinik – Insane terror
Sator Absentia – Like you are not
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Tango for the concession…
In the Nursery – Compulsion
Dead Can Dance – Fortune presents gifts not according to the book
Qntal – Am morgen fruoh
Love is Colder than Death – Wananbi
Stille Volk – Le réveil de Pan
Artwork – Bella donna requiem
Sopor Aeternus – On satur(n)days we used to sleep

[Magica Obscura]
Nature & Organisation – Bloodstreamruns
Antony & the Johnsons – Cripple & the starfish
Puissance – Gloria
Zoar – In these rooms
Camerata Mediolanense – L’homme armé (versione)
TMLHBAC – A new soldier #2
Tenhi – Lauluni sinulle, taival
The Smiths – There is a light that never goes out
Interpol – Roland
Sonic Youth – Tunic (song for Karen)
Die Form – Sombre printemps
Runes Order – Memories
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – In high heels through night of broken glass

[Hans D.]
Monumentum – Fade to grey
For a Space – Battle on Planet X
This Morn` Omina – Epoch
Roger Rotor – Drown delay
Ulf Söderbergh – Vargskymning
Howden/Wakeford – Wormwood doll
Current 93 – In the heart of the woods (live)
Ostara – Bavaria
Nick Cave – Do you love me?
Goethes ERben – Die Brut 2000
Sol Invictus – An English garden

[Magica Obscura]
Arcana – My innocent child
Mondblut – Desolation
Kirlian Camera – Ascension
Will – Crowning Glory
Placebo Effect – Devoid of soul
Converter – Butcher
Imminent Starvation – Urbanib
Wappenbund – Die Fahne hoch
Haus Arafna – You die
Needle Sharing – Another kind

[Hans D.]
Leger des Heils – Geistesmahnung
Legendary Pink Dots – I love you in your tragic beauty
Trisomie 21 – la fete triste

[Magica Obscura]
Nacht – Svartsinn

APB – Kathy’s song intro: