Playlist Dwaalspoor

Baroeg, Rotterdam
DJ’s: Axel & HD
A succeeded edition of this party devoted to dark folk, martial, neoclassical, industrial etc.

Instincts – #1

Herbst 9 – Sennacherib, Lugal
Genitor Lvminis – Virgae Part 1
Pimentola – Tuoni III
The Well of Sadness – Where I’m living?
Der Blutharsch –
Arcana – Le serpent rouge
Sator Absentia – Like you are not
Nebelung – Kain und Abel
Coil – Ostia (The Death of Pasolini)
Apoptose – Abschied von der Sonne
Skrol – The sign reanimated
Cyclotimia – Shelter
Antlers Mulm – Gipfelsturm

Fire & Ice – Purity
Orplid – Geheiligt sei der Toten Name
Hannibal O.S.T. – Let my home be my gallows
Toroidh – Testament I
Sophia – Death dumb blind
Mental Destruction – Farva
P.A.L – I set my dog on fire
Karl Runau – Driven by instinct
Allerseelen – Alle lust will ewigkeit
Dernière Volonté – En avant!
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – In high heels through nights of broken glass
Der Blutharsch –

Omnicore – Reward the guilty, punish the innocent
In the Nursery – Rites
Sixth Comm – Neiflheim
Jagd Wild – Come join the Hunt
Wappenbund – Frieda
Gae Bolg – Danse
Orchestre Noir – What price?
Of the Wand and the Moon – Winter veil
Sonne Hagal – The three ravens
Voxus Imp – Donarsdagr

Blood Axis – Wir rufen deine W?lfe
Waldteufel – Wolfsstund
Sophia – Dirt
Novo Homo – Prinzessin
In Slaughter Natives – Death only death
Test Dept. – Arddyledog Ganu
Der Blutharsch –
Botis – Faith of Resistance

Death in June – Golden wedding of sorrow
Sturmpercht – Der Tanz des Tatzelwurms
Forseti – Abendrot
Predominance – Luftschiffe 2002
Dive – No mercy
Theorem – Cynical prayer
Sektion B – Abraxas 2001 a.d.
Maska Genetik – White tracks

Haus Arafna – Anatomy of a murder
B`nai B`rith – Me in leather
Derniere Volonte – Achtung!!!
Laibach – Geburt einer Nation
Death in June – Odin hour
Sol Invictus – Death of the west
Spiritual Front – Autopsy of a love
Kirlian Camera – Solaris IV
Allerseelen – Ernting

Leger des Heils – Mondnacht
HERR – The Fall of Constantinople
Hekate – Morituri te salutant
Narsilion – The voice of sin
Ophelia`s Dream – Amica mea
ACTUS – Botschaft aus Hyperbora
HaWthorn – Carry me home
The Protagonist – Imitation
Puissance – Gloria
Gae Bolg – Gloria
Blood Axis – Herjafather
Wakeford and Budenholzer – In the wake of the wolf
Werkraum – Steh auf, Nordwind!

Sonne Hagal – Odin
Belborn – Heldentaten Heldengr?ber
Ernte – Sonnenwende
Der Blutharsch –
Blood Axis – Walked in line
Sektion B – Born to be White
SPK – Slogun

November Növelet – Fear
Echo West – Like you for a sleep
Unto Ashes – The Him
Peter Ulrich – Flesh to Flame
Moon Far Away – Iz-Za Gor
Desiderii Marginis – The ever green tree