Playlist Dwaalspoor #3

Boogje 1, Rotterdam

Still a great location, and with the music was nothing wrong. The number of visitors was pretty low though.

This was partly due to the fact that the city council does not allow more than 40-50 visitors at the moment in the semi-legal Boogje. To avoid the risk of having too many visitors, not much promotion was done for this evening. The other DJ’s were Kevlar and Guillaume. I played two sets, one quite tranquil set at the beginning, a dark folk and industrial set later on.

Caesar Romero – False marimba
Sylvain Chaveau – Derniere etape before le silence
My Dying Bride – Le cerf malade
Polygon – Time-water
Wilt – The fiddler and the fool
Ravenloft – Brainstorm
xArkanex – Dryades of Selene
LJDLP – Le tambour des ophelins
Herbst9 – Endless deep
Atrium Carceri – Blue moon
Sturmovik – Folk im feuer
Coil – The golden section

Sturmpercht – Sturm ins Leben #3
Omnicore – Reward the guilty, punish the innocent
Aeldaborn – Wir weben
Karnnos – Ruins and terror
Ordo Equilibrio – In the grassy fields…
Harvest Rain – Song for morning
While Angels Watch – Crossing the tide of time
Sanctum – Shine
Haus Arafna – After all these years
Eisengrau – Threshold
Thorofon – Oral Harassment
Westwind – Assaut
Wappenbund – Blood & fire
Tribe of Circle – The whole of sacrifice (tribute to DIJ)