Playlist Dwaalspoor

Boogje 1, Rotterdam
What a great location! An underground concrete bunker/warehouse. Very industrial, dark and atmospheric (and cold). The number of visitors was reasonable considering the large amount of other parties this night. The mood & the music were alright. To be repeated!

Raison D’etre – In abandoned places
Tony Wakeford – La Croix
Land – Branchages
Othila – Ouverture
C.O.T.A. – Deep within the womb of the mother part 4
Polygon – Time-water
Delerium – Awakenings
Endura – The stars are right
Wreathy – Confrontation
Ronan Quays – Land left by Time

Momentum – Fade to Grey (in worms)
Qntal – Stella Splendens
Love is Colder than Death – Wannanbi
Argine – Rifrazioni
Death in June – Runes and Men (Zagreb)
Forseti – Gesang der Jugendliche
Von Thronstahl – We Walked in Line
In Slaughter Natives – Death, Just Only Death
Puissance – Gloria
Predella Avant – Carbon Figures pt. 10
Blood Axis – Wir Rufen deine W?lfe

Faun – Rani
Irfan – Otkrovenie
Bel Canto – Spiderdust
Slowdive – Spanish Air
Dagda Mor – Triumph!
Theorem – Cynical prayer
Eisengrau – Threshold
Netzach – Snake / desert
MZ.412 – Satan Jugend II

[these are only the songs I played; the other dj’s were VLRK & Guillaume, and they played a lot of fine tunes!]