Playlist Elfennacht #2

Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht
DJ’s: Eöl, Wizard and Cabal
The second edition of the Elfennacht party took place in Utrecht, after a succeeded first party in Rotterdam.

The venue was smaller this time and the number of visitors was lower, but still about 250 people showed up, many of them nicely dressed in style with the fantasy theme. They were treated to a musical mixture with all varieties of folk and medieval music, from traditional acoustic songs to electronic-fused new folk.

The venue was nicely decorated with various magical objects and the vj was playing fitting fantasy videos on a screen. In the cafe some music and clothing stands were present, amongst others from the recommended shops De Bard and Bar-O-Nes. In general the atmosphere was good during the night, almost cheerful, and there was quite some activity on the dancefloor. A next edition will perhaps be held in the summer, keep an eye on Slumberland Records’ website.

No playlists was kept during the night,
but these are some of the bands I played (as DJ Cabal):
aardia, za frumi, blood axis, dargaard, pazuzu, dhol foundation, stille volk, leger des heils, jaramar, corvus corax, alvskugga, love is colder than death, summoning, sangre cavallum, the merlons, faun, qntal, riharc smiles, arcana, musterion, chirleison, dead can dance, hekate, olen ‘k, djembe, irfan, ophelia’s dream and loreena mckennitt.
DJ Eöl and DJ Wizard added their own (partly more modern/uptempo) flavours to the medieval, folk, pagan, ethereal, Celtic, ritual & mystical mixture.

Some photographic impressions:

Elfennacht Elfennacht Elfennacht dj Wizard Elfennacht Elfennacht
decoration dj Wizard decoration
dj Eöl dj Cabal crowd Elfennacht crowd