Playlist Erosie #2

The second edition of this evening devoted to dark ambient & experimental sounds at ACU in Utrecht.
DJ’s HD, DistortedChaos & special guest [Law-Rah].

Grundik + Slava – Pattern in time
The Last Fall – Treasure
Sylvain Chaveau – Dernière étape
Sally Doherty – Mourning
Elijah’s Mantle + Ozymandias – Kubla-Khan
Collection d’Arnell Andrea – Un parc, une tonnelle
Tor Lundvall – Last light
Jack or Jive – My fellow citizens
Land – Labyrinth (Part II)

Svartsinn – Misanthropic odyssee
Henrik Nordvargr – I see shadows
Steel Hook Prostheses – Eye of the beholder
Death in June – Passion power purge
Of the Wand and the Moon – Black moth
Coil – A cold cell
Herbst9 – Nanab Ishtar
Inade – Chapel Perilious
Folkstorm – Ty Han Är Min Soldat
Kriegsfall-U – Porta Heroum

Deutsch Nepal – Impassive metal sex
Nihil Est Excellence – Passing
Roger Rotor – Start
Vromb – Contamination II (radio et télévision)
Pine Tree State Mind Control – Pt2
Nature and Organisation – Blood of solitude I / Bloodstreamruns
Coil – The dreamer is still asleep
Swans – Empathy
Ordo Equilibrio – When happiness ruled

Novy Svet + O Paradis – En mares de sangre
Kammer 7 – Dismembered memories
Mecano – Robespierre’s remarks II
Ignis Fatuus feat. Jarboe – Communion
Dernière Volonté – La rose blanche
Maison Close – The game is on
Haus Arafna – After all these years
Gerechtigkeits Liga – Narkomanie
Loss – As seen on T.V.
Tokyo Mask – Random pilgrim
Negru Voda – Under the ice
Desiderii Marginis – The ever green tree

Empusae – Orix
Kom-Intern – IC2000
Loss – The turning
IRM – Birth’s mark of cruelty
The Moon and the Nightspirit – Egi Taltos
Ulf Söderbergh – Blåeld
Boyd Rice – Disneyland can wait

Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto – Vrioon
Dual – Casein
His Masters Voice – The Circle
Loss – Repose

Maeror Tri – Dreamscaping
Contemplatron – Molecular Mandala
Srmeixner – The dictatorship of the viewer #7
I-C-K – Lonely boy
Vortex Campaign – Untitled
Smalts – Soljaris
Tom Waits – 9th & Hennepin
Birthday Party – She’s hit

Films & videos:
Night on Earth

Herbst 9 – Buried under time and sand (ltd. ed. DVD)
Brighter Death Now – Disobey
Lustmord – Zoetrope