Playlist Finsternis

Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh (Scotland)
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I was invited as a guest DJ to play some tunes. The party was not very crowded, but I liked the atmosphere and there were some very nice people present. More an evening for chatting, drinking and listening than dancing.

Axon Neuron/Vagwa – ‘Monument’
Notwist – ‘Lichter (Remix)’
Cotton Ferox – ‘Sanguine Essence (Fragments)’
Land – ‘Soir d’Inquiétude’
Aperus – ‘Earth & Clay’
Polyspace – ‘Somewhere Inside’
Troum – ‘Ananke’
O Paradis – ‘Iday Pingala’
Darkwood feat. Ian Read – ‘Valley of Dark Memories’

Volksweerbaarheid – ‘Den Neerlandsche Held’
Gae Bolg – ‘Gloria’
Predella Avant – ‘Part II’
Puissance – ‘Gloria’
A Challenge of Honour – ‘Dum Pater Familias’
Wappenbund – ‘Die Fahne Hoch’
Hekate – ‘Heckers Traum’
Argine – ‘Rifrazione’
In My Rosary – ‘Rose of the World’
O Quam Tristis… – ‘Omnes Generationes’