Playlist Freitag

LVC, Leiden (NL)
Played folk/ambient/medieval etc. in the attic with dj Migh, while in the main hall cybergothic was played. Not too many people interested in our sounds unfortunately.

Le Testament de la Lumière – Der Tod ist ein treuer Kamerad III
Clear Stream Temple – Age of terror
Necrophorus – Water from arcane delight
For a Space – Bellism
Delerium – Awakenings
xArcanEx – Mesmerism of the temptresses’ sirens
Ildfrost – That I may drink…
Morpheus – When in the height heaven was not named
Gale Grand Central – Bluelines

Woosamaquin – Funeral for life
Wreathy – Confrontation
Johnny Hollow – Gone

Werkraum – Steh auf, Nordwind!
Stille Volk – Reveil de Pan
Othila – Yula Acte I
Will – Crowning Glory
Sopor Aeternus – To a loyal friend
Irfan – Otkrovenie
Argine – Von Aschenbach
Leger des Heils – Erhebung
Jagd Wild – Come, join the hunt
Test Dept – Arddyledog Ganu
Ostara – Black spring
In my Rosary – Rose of the world
Turbund Sturmwerk – Glaube

Einstuerzende Neubauten – Selbstportrait mit Kater
Tindersticks – City Sickness
Johnny Cash – Hurt