Playlist Gotham V

Paradiso, Amsterdam
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DJ Ziggy and I played some darkwave / medieval / neo-folk / industrial tunes in the smaller upper room, from 23:50-04:00, after La Floa Maldita. Despite numerous technical difficulties with the cd-players I quite enjoyed myself.

Delerium – Incantation (12″ mix)
Miriam – Evidence
In the Nursery – Compulsion
Will – Father forgive (remix)
In Slaughter Natives – sacred worms (live)
Ordo Equilibrio – Hunting for the black september
Predella Avant – Noviomagus 2
The Protagonist – Hesperia (draft)

Stalingrad – Der letzte flug
Helium Vola – Selig
Qntal – Am morgen fruo
Mila Mar – Paya
Sephiroth – Wolftribes
In slaughter natives – Death, just only death
Dies Natalis – Rain
Current 93 – In the heart of the woods

Scorpion Wind – The path of the cross
Orchestre Noir – What price
Jagd Wild – Come join the hunt
Coph Nia – Holy war
Sanctum – Kiss the whip

Haus Arafna – Fur immer
Propergol – Renegade
Ophir – Saat + Ernte
The Cruxshadows – Return (coming home)

Hans – Ziggy ‘ping pong’:
Love is Colder than Death – Spellbound
Sisters of mercy – This Corrosion
XMal Deutschland – Polarlicht
Star Industry – Nineties
Dead Can Dance – Cantara
Qntal – Entre moi
The Moon Lay Hidden – Untitled
Camerata Mediolanense – Trionfo di Bacco E Arianna
Gae Bolg – Gloria
Sopor Aeternus – Vanitas, Vanitas
Blood Axis – Reign I, forever
Der Blutharsch – Untitled
Hunting Lodge – Tribal warning shot
Nick Cave – The weepoing song
Malaria – Kaltes Klares wasser
The Fair Sex – The fair side
Marina Sirtis – Berlin
Cinema Strange – En hiver
The Chameleons – Mad Jack
Sonar – Mainframe
Störfunk – 04/08
Xebox -Industrial pop
Iszoloscope – Intermittent cycles
A Challenge of Honour – Dum Pater Familias
Blood Axis – Follow me up to Carlow
Argine – Rifrazione
Helium Vola – Omnis Mundi Creatura (radio)
The Frozen Autumn – Dusk is like a dagger
Saltatio Mortis – Palastinalied
Ataraxia – Lucrecia
Ostara – Bavaria
Ernte – Sonnenwende
Kirlian Camera – Eclipse
Dernière Volonté – Un refrain solitaire
Tribe of Circle – La femme evaporee

[The End]