Playlist GRUIS #15

ACU, Utrecht
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An evening with a nostalgic atmosphere, through the nice guitar wave of Spiral of Silence. Regular DJ Maarten was absent, so just Martijn and I were the DJ’s. Not much neo-folk on the menu, most neo-folk lovers were at the War of the Roses party in Amsterdam, which was held at the same time.

Ashram – Fairy wind
Eridu Arcane – The season to rejoice
Collection d’Arnell Andrea – Kergal
In My Rosary – Your shimmering hair
Arcana – Body of sin
Stoa – Nubibus Atris
Anima in Fiamme – Sawney Bean
Dreadful Shadows – Funeral Procession
Engelsstaub – Victim of love
Mental Measuretech – Turtle recall

Calva y Nada – Leben
Image Transmission – Bound to die 1.1
S.I.T.D. – Snuff Machinery
Coinside – Hexenhammer
Grendel – catastrophe
Suicide Commando – Come to me
Feindflug – Faustrecht
Die Form – The shape
Relatives Menschein – Ausgeblutet
Eternal Afflict – San Diego
Breath of Life – Shining
Chassalla – Oblivion

Detritus – Sense
Sonar – Mainframe
Xebox – Industrial pop
Predella Avant – Predella Avant
Wappenbund – Blood & Fire
A Challenge of Honour – Pater dum familias
Sophia – Pride
Blood Axis – Absinthe
Jagd Wild – Come join the hunt
Ordo Equilibrio – War
Death in June – The calling

Nick Cave – Fifteen feet of pure white snow
Skinny Puppy – Assimilate
Swans – New Mind