Playlist GRUIS #16

ACU, Utrecht
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Quite a varied evening: after an atmospheric intro followed a set with some of my favourite 80’s bands. Later a danceable ebm/electro set, and at the end of the party a neo-folk part (which I had liked to be a bit longer). In between DJ Maarten played danceable electronic stuff, and DJ Martijn offered 80’s classics amongst others.

Stalingrad – The road on which you’ll die / Morriconia
Apoptose – Blutopfer
Toroidh – Europe is dead V

Dark Day – Hands in the dark
Modern English – Someone’s calling
Bauhaus – Slice of life
Wire – Two people in a room
The Mission – Naked and savage
The Sound – Golden soldiers
Comsat Angels – Eye of the lens

Moby – New dawn fades
Fad Gadget – Collapsing new people
Qntal – Trobal clus

yelworC – Soulhunter
Suicide Commando – Desire
Feature – Take my soul
Wumpscut – Praise your fears
Coinside – Hexenhammer
Feindflug – Sturmwalzer
Retrosic – Ground zero
Gulag – The hammer and the sicle
Panacea – Faggot house
Marita Schreck – Knochengest?rt
Winterkalte – El Nino
Subliminal – Hate me
Red Reflection – Flood

Novalis – Golden future time
Orplid РȘhne des Ares
Forseti – Abendrot
Ostara – Bavaria
Argine – Rifrazioni
Anima in Fiamme – Sawney Bean
Lustmord – Ixaxaar