Playlist GRUIS #2

ACU, Utrecht
GRUIS website

live: Grendel (their debut)

The Protagonist-The Puritan
Delerium – Embryo
Polygon – Tears in the wind
Ivoux – Yuki Onna
Nightmare Lodge – Attempt at resistance
Blink Twice – When Deites reigned
Sephiroth – Abyssanctum
Desiderii Marginis – Chaos undivided
Third Eye/Odinic Rite-Little black angel
Orplid-Im Sturm
The Moon lay hidden-Untitled 2
Blood Axis-The hangman & the Papist
Current 93-In the heart of the woods
Death in June-Hand grenades and Olympic flames
grendelWumpscut: – The day’s disdain
Suicide commando – Where do we go from here?
November Növelet-Fear
Dive-Welcome to Hell IV
Decoded Feedback-EVOLution
Abscess-The game (shattered)
MS Gentur-Final fantasy
Orphx-Nullity v2.3
November Noevelet-Misantrophy
Feindflug-Im Gefangenschaft
Wumpscut-Praise your fears
Gae Bolg -La marche des morts
Ostara-Operation Valkrie
Of the wand & the moon-Raven chant
Estampie-O Fortuna
Faith & the Muse-Shattered in aspect
The Cure – A forest
Clan of Xymox – A day
Sisters of Mercy – Train
Joy Division – She lost control
Sopor Aeternus – Do you know my name?
Corvus Corax – Saltarello
Deine Lakaien – Brain fic
L’ame Immortelle – Brother against brother
Front Line Assembly – Liquid seperation
Skinny Puppy – Tin o men
Agrumh – Edito
Nitzer Ebb – Let beauty loose
Ministry – We believe
KMFDM – Megalomaniac
Borghesia – Am I?
Front 242 – Operating tracks
Cassandra Complex – Sleeper
Sisters of Mercy – Nine while nine
Cleaner – Gattaca (Schizo)
Coy impact – Interior
Velvet acid Christ – Friction friction
Imperative Reaction – Overcast
Gridlock – Further
Deine Lakaien – Intro/Return
Collection d’Arnell-Andrea – Le pr? dormant
In My Rosary – The Rose of the World
Ikon – Behind closed doors
Kirlian Camera – Eclipse
The Protagonist-The Puritan
The Moon lay hidden-Untitled 3
Haus Arafna-Last dream of Jesus
Somatic responses-Oblique
Urkom-track 8 van demo
Gae Bolg & the Church of Fand-Gloria
Von Trohnstahl-Mitternachtsberg
Death in June-But what ends when the symbols shatter?
Sol Invictus-An English garden
Tripwire – Imaginary Flies
Raison d`etre-Slow ascent
Elijah’s mantle/Ozymandias-Kubla Kahn