Playlist GRUIS #24

ACU, Utrecht
GRUIS website
Theme: Atmospheres. DJ’s: M & Hans D.
A pleasant start of the new year with atmospheric folk, medieval, (dark)wave and ambient sounds. About a 100 paying visitors, and quite some activity on the dancefloor.

Axon Neuron/Vagwa – Lohe I: Rome messages
Thy Veils – Hunt at the haunted forest
Wreathy – Isolation
FDH – Desolate
Raison d’Etre – The shadow of the soul
H.E.R.R. – Guck die Welt noch einmal an
Stalingrad – The road on which you’ll die / Morriconia
Coph Nia – Sanctus

Arcana – Season of thought
And also the Trees – Corruption
Dernière Volonté – Les blessures de l’Ombre
Orplid – Wielands Fluch
Darkwood feat. Ian Read – Valley of dark memories
Of the Wand and the Moon – Unhappy shadow
Death in June – Symbols of the sun
Strenght through Joy – Absolute power
Hekate – Dos Kelbl
Hagalaz Runedance – Wake Skadi

Loreena McKennitt – Santiago
Lupercalia – Pilgrim’s chant
Soil Bleeds Black – Dum pater familias
Will – Father Forgive (remix)
Ikon – Fall apart (demo version)
Engelsstaub – Happy birthday pigface christus
Gae Bolg – La marche des morts
Puissance – Gloria
In Slaughter Natives – Blind parasite
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – In high heels through nights of broken glass
Backworld – Leaving the isles of the blest
Coil – Heartworms

Monte Cazazza – Six eyes from hell
Camerata Mediolanense – Il trionfo…
Dernière Volonté – La source
Sopor Aeternus – This profane finality
Deine Lakaien – Fleeting
Qntal – Entre moi
B.a.r.k. – Kantele
Garmarna – Vittrad
Hagalaz Runedance – Frigga’s Web

Bone Woman – The burning times
Faun – Andro
Actus – Botschaft aus Hyperborea
Argine – Von Aschenbach
Leger des Heils – Geistesmahnung
Ostara – Black spring
Dies Natalis – Angels of Babylon
Sonne Hagal – Odin
Volksweerbaarheid – Uw wet is mijn wil
Swans – New mind (acoustic)
And also the Trees – Shantell

The Cure – One more time
Clan of Xymox – Cry in the wind
Joy Division – She’s lost control
The Meeting Places – Freeze our stares
Nick Cave – The mercy seat (acoustic)
Ostara – The trees march north
Forseti – Sturmgeweiht
Blood Axis – Follow me up to Carlow
Angelo Branduardi – Gaudete e personent hodie
Peter Ulrich – Life among the black sheep
Die Verbannten Kinder Eva’s – Misery
Estampie – Maugrez touz saint
Dargaard – Eternity Rites
Dead Can Dance – Avatar
The Protagonist – Kampfende Pferde
Jagd Wild – Come join the hunt
Death in June – The calling (MK II)
L’Orchestre Noir – What price?
Darkwood – Im Heimatwald
Sleeping Pictures – Soap opera life
Sieben – Winter snowdrop
Cranes – Everywhere
The Triffids – Red pony
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Metamorphose – Stonehenge
Troum – Ananke