Playlist GRUIS #26

ACU, Utrecht
GRUIS website
theme: Atmospheres.
guest dj: Don Valentino.

Black tape for a blue girl – Seireenien Lumoama
Love spirals downwards – Love’s labour’s lost
Temps perdu? – The day the earth melted
Remanence – Lamkhyer
Lisa Gerrard – Sailing to Byzantium
Dead can dance – The ubiquitous mr. Lovegrove
Arbre noir – Breathe
Land – Brain
Moon far away – The autumn song of Slovisha
Love is colder than death – A chain
In the nursery – Groundloop
Bel canto – A shoulder to the wheel

FC Kahuna – Hayling
Strength through joy – Ways to strength and beauty
Future whirl – Question
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Love letter
Ordo R. Equilibrio – In high heels…
Argine – Come un servo da mantice
Ashram – Spirit of the rising moon
Of the wand and the moon – I crave for you
Leger des heils – Ewige gegenwart
Cocteau Twins – Iceblink luck
Chandeen – Ginger
Zoar – In these rooms
November Növelet – Mountains
Autechre – Basscadet

Ulf Söderberg – Neapolis
Qntal – Am morgen fruoh
Helium Vola – Veni veni
Atomine Elektrine – Reliance
Sturmpercht – Sturm ins Leben #3
Puissance – Human error
Predella Avant – Carbon Figures #10
Dernière Volonté – Le poison
Hekate – Burning terror
Forseti – Korn
Blood Axis – Wir rufen deine wölfe
Kirlian Camera – Nightship 451
Sopor Aeternus – Hades Pluton

Sanctum – När?
In slaughter natives – Death, just only death
Tenhi – Lauluni sinulle
Sophia (US) – Oh, my love
Cure – Charlotte sometimes

Swans – Love will tear us apart
Minimal compact – It takes a lifetime
Slowdive – Spanish air
Die Form – Cantique II
Orplid – Jenseits von hier

Camerata mediolanense – L’homme armé
Deine Lakaien – Love me to the end
Joy division – She’s lost control
Sophia (SE) – Spite
The moon lay hidden – A new soldier #2

Engelsstaub – Happy birthday, pigface christus
Gae Bolg – Feux II
Death in June – He’s disabled
Werkraum – Steh auf, nordwind!
First Law – Master of the universe

Protagonist – Mutability
Allerseelen – Alle lust will ewigkeit
Rosa Crux – Adorasti
Nature and organisation – Bloodstreamruns
Antony – Cripple & the starfish

Sol invictus – In a garden green
The silent league – The catbird seat
De Kadullen – Zotte kadullen
Japan – Nightporter
SPK – Necropolis