Playlist GRUIS

ACU, Utrecht
GRUIS: special Summer Darkness edition
DJ’s HD, MH and special guest Guillaume (War of Roses).

GRUIS has stopped as a regular dancenight, but may be held at special occasions like this festival. It took a while before the ACU filled up, but from 01:00 there were quite some people present and it resulted into a nice varied party with a good atmosphere…

Asia Nova – Sun bear meets moon dog
Voice of Eye – Sirens at propolis
Troum – Sigquan (part 3)
Tim Hecker – Balkanize-you
Ulrich Schnauss – Clear day
Slowdive – She calls
El Luto Del Rey Cuervo – El Valls Delos Mentirosos
Dead Can Dance – In power we entrust the love advocated
Legendary Pink Dots – Casting the runes
Kaa Antilope – Island girl’s games
Trisomie 21 – There’s a strange way this morning?

Omala – Smell touch taste
Dawn & Dusk Entwined – She came from the east
Voxus Imp – Opfergang
Parzival – Jerusalem
In Slaughter Natives – Ashes of Angels
Predella Avant – Carbon Figures part X

O Paradis/Totenlieder – Sin sabor
Dies Natalis – Rain
Death in June – Little black angel
Of the Wand and the Moon feat. Matt Howden – I crave for you
Triarii – Mother of pain
Dernière Volonté – Le poison
The Moon Lay Hidden…

Echo West – Stars
Silent Signals – Walk on the ladder
Le Syndicat Electronique – Ruines
The Rorschach Garden – State protection
Dive – Your God
Klinik – Lies

Haus Arafna – Last dream of Jesus
PAL – Das Gelöbnis
Sophia – Strength through sorrow
Gae Bolg – La marche des morts
Hekate – Heckers Traum
HERR – The fall of Constantinople
Novalis – When darkness falls
Kirlian Camera – K-Pax

Mental Measuretech – Sturmlied
B’nai B’rith – Fraktur
Karjalan Sissit – Kunnia isanmaa
Nature and Organisation – Bloodstreamruns
Romowe Rikoito – The quest
Blood Axis – Reign I forever
NON – Total war
Der Blutharsch – Time is…

Novo Homo – Prinzessin
Wappenbund – Frieda (Dein sind die Rosen)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Three is an orgy, four is forever
Forseti – Abendrot
Sol Invictus – Kneel to the cross

Death in June – Nothing changes
Echo & the Bunnymen – Pictures on my wall
Interpol – Leif Erikson
Joy Division – The only mistake
Siouxsie & the Banshees – Red light
Absolute Body Control – Melting away
Poesie Noire – Tragedy

Sixth Comm – Othila
Swans – Beautiful child
Sephiroth – Wolftribes
Rosa Crux – Omnes qui descendunt
Sopor Aeternus – Do you know my name?
Garmarna – Herr Mannelig

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas – Misery
Will – Crowning glory
Calva y Nada – Rascheln
A Split Second – Colonial discharge
Hunting Lodge – Tribal warning shot
The Protagonist – Sacrifice
Dernière Volonté – Song d’un martin d’été
Argine – Memorie (remix)

Ordo Equilibrio – Dreaming of my scarlet woman
Dead Can Dance – Cantara

The Essence – A mirage